World Transplant Games Organisers in Gift of Life Appeal

20th December 2018

In August 2019, NewcastleGateshead is hosting the World Transplant Games and this Christmas there’s just one thing on the Games organisers’ list – the Gift of Life! They are asking that people give the ultimate present, the gift of life, by signing up to the organ donor register. UK residents can do this online and those who do sign up, or who are already on the register, are encouraged to take time over the festive season to share their donation wishes with friends and family.

The World Transplant Games will see approximately 3000 participants from around 70 countries aged from 4 to 80+, compete in a range of sports at venues across the North East between 17 and 24 August. All participants will be recipients of organ and/or tissue transplant or will be living donors or donor families. The Games are a celebration of a second chance of living life to the full and aim to raise public awareness of organ donation.

Graham Wylie CBE, Chair of the Local Organising Committee said: “It only takes two minutes to sign up to the NHS Organ Donor Register and as many families and friends get together at this time of year, it’s a perfect opportunity to talk about the subject, and let others know that should anything happen to you unexpectedly, you’d like to give the best present ever, the Gift of Life.”

Graham Moore, Chairman at Westfield Health, a lead sponsor of the games said: “The World Transplant Games is a fantastic initiative which raises awareness of such an important cause. It showcases the importance of transplants and the inspirational stories of those who have received them. Not everyone can be a hero in life, but we can all be heroes in death by signing up to the donor register and saving lives.”

Chris Thomas, President of the World Transplant Games Federation said, “Registering as an organ donor plays a crucial role in family support for your decision. Consent rates are much higher when a family knows a loved one’s support for donation. Please register then tell your family what it means to you to be able to give the gift of life once you are gone. The World Transplant Games Federation looks forward to bringing the games back to Great Britain – the place where it all started some 40 years ago.”

Graham Wylie added: “As well as giving the Gift of Life, there are other ways to get involved in and give support for the NewcastleGateshead Games. People can give their time by registering as a volunteer at , or give support by way of fundraising activities or donations. With 6000 people on the organ donor waiting list in the UK, there are 6000 reasons to give.”

For information on the World Transplant Games, to sign up to the NHS Organ Donor Register or to see how you can get involved go to