Your stories – Italy

5th August 2019

Thanks to the team from Italy for getting in touch to share their football team story:

“When our multifaceted athlete Stefano Selva, football player since he was a child, read that at Newcastle’s WTG that one of the sports would be 6-a-side football, he immediately started to organize the Italian team. He succeeded very well, both from a geographical point of view (there are athletes from the North, Central and South of Italy), and from the representation of the type of transplant: we have 5 kidney transplants, 5 marrow transplants and one kidney and pancreas transplant. When looking for a coach, the choice could only fall on … a donor! There are two identical boys on the team, Ludovico and his twin brother Riccardo. In 2008 Ludovico was 15 years old, when he fell ill with a blood cancer, and he recovered thanks to the bone marrow transplant given to him by Riccardo. They are linked twice, the first time since birth, and the second time when thanks to Riccardo’s wonderful gift of life. In a few days, they will participate together in the World Transplant Games in NewcastleGateshead, with the aim of promoting the culture of organ and tissue donation, a gesture that is worth so much, which means a second chance: life!

Ludovico at the World Transplant Games will be part of the basketball and football team, will run the 200m and will play in petanque; Riccardo will participate in some of the races reserved for living donor athletes, namely the road race, 100m, long jump, swimming 50, but above all he will be … our football coach!

Thanks Riccardo and … strength Italy !!!”