Your stories – Sieb Stiemer

4th March 2019

We want to hear from athletes and volunteers taking part in the NewcastleGateshead Games. Thanks to Sieb for submitting his story.

My name is Sieb Stiemer, and I am 11 years old and an active athlete. Athletics means everything to me and there is a special for reason for this. When I was 3 years old, I had a liver transplant. I had a metabolic disease GSD 4 and the liver converted into a liver cirrhosis. My mom, dad and sister have had a lot of worries about me. But after my liver transplant my life started. I have done several sports but at the end I go all the way in athletics. This sport gives me 100% energy.

I am training actively from a young age as a pupil and now train as junior three times a week at my athletic association Av Oss 78. I have already won several times many awards, become regional champion and recently Dutch champion shot put (some knew about my liver transplant)  despite my hamstring injury.

But I’m starting a new challenge, perhaps a dream come true. I am super proud to be the youngest of the Dutch team for the WTG 2019. I am looking forward to the Games very much. In addition to my regular training I get 1 day a month special training and guidance at the Dutch “Sport en Transplantatie” Athletics training.

We go with a wonderful team to WTG NewcastleGateshead 2019 young and old. Age does not matter. I am one of the proud participants who can join my team mates!!