Your Story – Ava inspires her Aunt to volunteer

26th April 2019

Your story
Volunteer Sam Jones has been sharing the touching story of how her little niece Ava inspired her to play her part in the World Transplant Games 2019.

Sam, from Gateshead, said: “When Ava was just seven, her mum and dad  noticed she was feeling lethargic and unwell, and took her to the doctorAva was sent straight to hospital – and didn’t come out again until she’d had a heart transplant.”

Two years on, the sports-mad youngster from Gosforth is back playing and watching footie again, to the delight of her family including Auntie Sam, Ava’s dad – Sam’s brother Gary – and mum Tara.

Sam added: “She’s been such an inspiration to us all. We appreciate so much that she was given the marvellous gift of organ donation, and think of the kindness of the donor family so often.
Volunteering to help the World Transplant Games is my way of highlighting that beautiful gift – and in recognising that the competitors, like our Ava, can fully enjoy their sports and their lives.”