You’re never too old to donate!

12th February 2019

Thanks to Linda Ross, one of our fabulous Team19 volunteers for sharing her story with us.

“My story is a personal one. On the 28 May 2018 I lost my beloved mother, Janet Ross, due to a brain haemorrhage – this was her third – at the age of 78. I was really surprised but very honoured that she as able to give 2 families a most remarkable gift and to help ongoing research into kidney disease.

Mam’s liver went to a male in Newcastle and her kidney to a lady in York. Her other kidney wad not suitable for transplant so went into the research program along with her brain to help in aneurysm research.

Janet Ross was a senior staff nurse, caring for children. All in the Ross family have signed up to the NHS Organ Donor register now.

I am helping out at the Games as I would love to spread the message far and wide to get more people to donate to the Organ Donor Register, no matter what their age”.

We’d love to hear your story. #ageisnotabarrier

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