Multifaith Remembrance and Thanksgiving Service

The generosity of the human spirit embraced attendees at the Service of Remembrance and Thanksgiving on Saturday 15 April at the striking St George's Cathedral in Perth.  

About 600 people from the world’s transplant community took time out to reflect on the gift of life.  

Our thanks to the Rev. Steve Hilton and other faith leaders, speakers from transplant and donor perspectives and all who joined us in celebration.

It was a multi-faith service to show support for organ donation.

The service was very moving – from the music by vocalist Lucinda Nicholls and organ player Stewart Smith, to heartfelt messages from speakers.

By gifting a kidney, living donor Maggie Paul from India said she wasn’t gifting life but had gained life because her life had changed in a positive way. She was not the brave one for offering an organ — those on dialysis were the brave ones.

Australian athlete and recipient Heather Armstrong talked about how ill health had affected her and how the transplant had changed her life.

Other speakers included:

  • South African athlete and recipient Itumeleng Phosphane
  • Priest Jasvinder, president of the Sikh Association of WA
  • Donor’s wife Karen Piotr from the United Kingdom
  • Rev Marie WIlson
  • Colin White from Ireland

Thankyou to all who attended and bless you.

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