Medical Information

Transplant Australia’s Medical Committee will manage the needs of athletes and their families at the Games.

All participants, including athletes and supporters, must submit a medical form completed by their treating physician to complete their registration  Forms must be submitted by 17 February 2023.

If you are yet to submit a form please liaise with your Team Manager as soon as possible to complete this requirement.

Medical Forms


  1. Download and print a copy of the medical form.
  2. Ask your doctor to complete the medical form.
  3. Return to this page and click on the link below to enter the details from the form. You are required to enter all the information provided in the form.
  4. Submit before the 17 February 2023.
Medical information for the Games

Updated COVID Vaccination Policy – 2023 World Transplant Games

The Local Organising Committee of the World Transplant Games, Perth, Australia, has updated its COVID Vaccination Policy in line with changed Australian Government requirements for entering Australia.

Following consultation with the World Transplant Games Federation Medical Committee and agreed by the WTGF Board of Trustees the policy is as follows:

  • COVID vaccination is highly recommended for all participants attending the World Transplant Games. This is the best way to keep everyone as safe as possible.
  • Now that the Australian Government has dropped mandatory vaccination for entry into Australia, the Local Organising Committee will not mandate vaccination as a requirement to register. This recognises that transplant athletes from some countries have not had access to vaccination while others have had early access but have not had the opportunity to stay up to date with booster shots. It also removes a potential barrier to transplanted children from attending the Games.
  • Each participant will be given complimentary Rapid Antigen Tests and expected to test and report their result to their team manager on arrival in Perth and prior to attending Games registration. They will also be expected to self-test if symptoms occur throughout the week.
  • For those showing symptoms on arrival or those not vaccinated, a COVID/Flu Clinic will operate for the first few days to enable supervised COVID testing.
  • Anyone testing positive may need to isolate as directed by the local medical team.
  • We highly recommend all participants travel safely to the games by wearing a mask, changing masks regularly, and washing their hands when possible. If concerned, masks should also be worn at indoor venues at the games.
  • The Local Organising Committee has a sophisticated medical program in place and is working hard to ensure all participants can enjoy these Games. The WTGF also has a medical and repatriation insurance program in place which is intended to supplement travel insurance which is highly recommended for all participants.

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