Postcards from Perth spark joy

It is often said that word of mouth is the best form of advertising. That’s certainly true for Transplant Australia’s unique campaign to promote Perth, the destination for the next World Transplant Games.

Transplant families and their friends have taken to the beaches, cityscapes and off-the-beaten tracks to capture the essence of Western Australia in a stunning new series of postcards to promote Perth.

Transplant recipients have been involved in every aspect of the project, from photography to handwriting messages, to help promote Perth to the worldwide transplant community.

The result is twelve colourful, compilation postcards designed by the Games marketing agency Media Junction & Interact Digital, featuring many picturesque sights of Western Australia as well as some of our furry friends including Rottnest Island’s resident quokkas. The postcards also feature transplant recipients keeping active in preparation for the Games – running, swimming, and playing petanque. 

Handwritten by transplant recipients and living donors in Perth with messages of friendship and encouragement, the postcards have been mailed to transplant recipients in 40 countries around the world who are sharing their ‘postcard selfies’ on social media.

Kidney recipient Emma Griffiths’ image of Perth’s city skyline was taken just before she received her life-saving gift, “I was lucky enough to have my older brother give me his kidney. We took a boat cruise before our operation to show him the sights of Perth, as he had flown in for the operation. This photo is from our trip.” she explained.

“The past few years have been particularly challenging for transplant recipients. This is all about sparking joy, connection, and anticipation. We can’t wait to reunite the global transplant family in Perth in 2023.” said Chris Thomas, Transplant Australia.

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