Day 1 - Monday 17 April 2023

Day 2 - Tuesday 18 April 2023

Day 1 9am - 5pm

Day 2 9am - 5pm

Wanneroo Raceway

Competition Schedule

Monday 17 April:

10km Time Trial (5km for Juniors)

  • 9:00am 5km 12 – 17 M & F
  • 9:15am 10km 60 + M & F
  • 10:00am 10km 50 – 59 M & F
  • 10:50am 10km 40 – 49 M & F
  • 11:30am 10km 30 – 39 M & F
  • 12:05am 10km 18 – 29 M

Team Time Trial

  • 1:00pm Female
  • 1:35pm Male
  • 2:25pm Mixed


Tuesday 18 April

30km Road Race  

  • 9:00am All Females
  • 9:10am Males 60+
  • 10:20am Males 50-59
  • 10:30am Males 40-49
  • 11:45am Males 18-39
  • 1:00pm Ride Wanneroo Community ride

Optional Training

No training day


5km Junior Time Trial
10km Open Time Trial
20km Teams Time Trial
30km Road Race

Age Groups

5km Time Trial Only

9-11 years
12-14 years
15-17 years

Open Time Trial

80 and over.

Donor Competition

Not applicable.


These rules are provided for information only and the official rules will be released soon.

Rules: The event will be governed by International Cycling Union rules Regulations | UCI  except as modified herein.  All races will be videotaped as part of the scoring/timing effort.

Format: 10 kilometre closed course time trial (5K for juniors), 30 kilometre road race, and 20 kilometre team event.

10 kilometre time trial—the winner in each age group will be the individual with the lowest elapsed time.  Juniors will compete in a 5 Km event.

30 kilometre road race–some age group races will be combined in the interest of competition, but it is recommended that no race contain more than 25 athletes.  Juniors are not permitted to compete in the 30 Km event.

20 kilometre team time trial—teams of three riders (two for women) will compete in men’s, women’s and mixed; teams will be ranked by the finish time of the slowest cyclist.  Teams in the mixed race must have at least one woman.  Juniors are not permitted to compete in the 20 kilometre team race.

What to Bring

Helmets meeting UCI safety standards must be worn. Bicycles must be in a safe and rideable condition. There will be a mandatory safety inspection for all competitors. Aerobars are not permitted in the road races.

Equipment Hire

VeloCity Rides have a small number of road bikes of varying sizes for hire.  Bookings are essential as numbers and sizes are limited

Bike mechanics are available through local bike shops in Perth CBD  for assistance with rebuilds and any minor last-minute mechanic services.

All bikes must be rebuilt prior to transport to the race venue.  Only a limited ‘emergency service’ will be available on race morning at Wanneroo Raceway.


Wanneroo Raceway

Limited catering facilities available.

Course information: 


Bus transfers will be provided for registered participants from official hotels or Perth CBD.


Parking is available.

Food and Drinks

No food or drink available onsite.

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