Wednesday 19 April 2023

9am - 5pm

Competition Schedule

Individual and Team (Triple Mixed)

Optional Training

Tuesday 18 April 2023


Teams (Triple Mixes)

Age Groups

9 years and older
80 and over

Donor Competition

Singles only and open age


These rules are provided for information only and the official rules will be released soon.

Rules:  The event will be governed by World Darts Federation Rules  except as modified herein.

Format:  Men’s and women’s singles, boys’ and girls’ singles (9 years and older) and triple mix (men or women, no age categories) matches.
In the single events, the first round will consist of 21 darts thrown in groups of 5 each, with the highest total score the winner—if score is tied, one dart tie breaker, the dart closest to the bull is the winner. After the first round, the usual rules will apply.  In singles, opening score from 301. For team play the opening score is increased to 501.

Finishing:  If after three rounds neither player is able to finish in the same turn, there will be a 3 dart shoot-off to determine the winner.  The highest total of the 3 shots will win the competition.  If at the end of the 3-dart shoot-off, the players are tied, the players will continue with another shoot-off until one player finishes with a higher score.

What to Bring

Players must provide their own darts.


Equipment Hire

Not Available


To be announced.


Bus transfers will be provided for registered participants from official hotels or Perth CBD.


Parking is available.

Food and Drinks

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