Six-a-side Football

Tuesday 18 April 2023


UWA Sports Park

Competition Schedule

Tuesday 18 April 2023

Competition commences – 9.00am

Final commences – 12.45pm


Optional Training

No specific training times have been allocated.  There is a large area of public space at Langley Park where teams located in the CBD can train at their convenience.


Team event

Age Groups

15+ years

Donor Competition

Not Applicable


These rules are provided for information only and the official rules will be released soon.

These rules are based on The Football Association Small Sided Football Rules.   ( except as modified herein.

Format:  Teams will consist of a minimum of six players (nine players is strongly recommended) and a maximum of twelve players.  Team members may be male or female.  There must be six players including a goalkeeper on the pitch at all times.  Juniors aged 15-17  years old are permitted.

Each team should have two sets of uniform shirts available, one white and one dark.  Each shirt should have a legal number printed on the back, no smaller than eight inches high.

The size of the FIFA approved pitch is 50mx35m.  The match shall be two 20 minute halves.  There will be no injury time.  Unlimited substitutions using the “roll-on-roll-off” rule are allowed when the ball is not in play.

All free kicks are direct and can be taken as soon as the ball is stationary. Free kicks must be taken where the offence was committed and opponents must be 2 metres from the ball. A one-handed underarm throw and under knee height in a horizontal or downward motion must be used to re-introduce the ball into play from throw-ins, corners and from goalkeepers.

The goalkeeper should wear a shirt that distinguishes him/her from all other players.   Goal keepers are not allowed to kick the ball from their hands to introduce the ball into play. Only the defending goalkeeper is allowed to play the ball inside the goal area and only the goalkeeper may handle the ball in this area.  Outfield players are allowed in the goal area.  Goalkeepers are allowed out of goal area; however, a free kick can be awarded if the goalkeeper handles the ball outside this area.  An outfield player who receives a throw from the goalkeeper cannot pass the ball directly back to the keeper, the ball must be touched by a second player. Such an action would result in a direct kick 2 metres outside the penalty area in line with the infringement.

Sliding tackles are not permitted; an infringement of this rule will lead to a free kick being awarded to the opposition.  Arm/elbow contact with the chest will NOT be allowed.

If it occurs, it could result in an immediate red card. The taking of a penalty will be in line with the one step rule.  Abusive language will be penalised at the referee’s discretion by awarding a direct free kick.  If a player receives a yellow card, s/he must stay in the penalty box for 3 minutes.  A second yellow card will mean that the player must leave the game and cannot play in the next game.   If a player receives a straight red card, s/he will no longer be able to take part in this competition.

What to Bring

Shin Pads are compulsory.  Trainers or Astro boots are the only permitted footwear. No studs, bladed boots or moulded studs may be worn.

Equipment Hire

Not Available


UWA Sports Park

Address: 10 McGillivray Rd, Mount Claremont WA 6010
Distance from CBD: 7.6km
Pitch: Grass


Bus transfers will be provided for registered participants from official hotels or Perth CBD.

Buses depart the City at 8.00am

Buses will depart UWA Sports Park at 2.00pm



Some parking is available.

Food and Drinks

A food truck will be available on site.

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