Monday 17 April 2023

9am - 5pm

Bendat Basketball Centre

Competition Schedule


Optional Training

Time: 12.00pm – 4.00pm

Date: Saturday 15 April 2023

Venue: Bendat Stadium


Mixed Team

Age Groups

15+ years

Donor Competition

Not applicable.


These rules are provided for information only and the official rules will be released soon.

Rules: Tournament will be governed by Federation Internationale de Volleyball rules http://www.fivb.org/TheGame/Rules.htm), except as modified herein.  National teams are comprised of a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 15 players at least one of whom must be a woman. Teams may choose to use a libero to replace a player in the back row. The libero is required to wear a different color shirt.

Up to nine substitutions are allowed per game, but none after a team has scored 20 points.  A woman must be on court at all times during the match.  Juniors aged 15-17 years are permitted.

The men’s height for the net will be used.

There is a sixteen team limit for this competition.

Participation in the volleyball competition counts as one of the maximum five events each competitor may enter.

Format: The first round will be played as a “round-robin” where each team in a group plays against each other team in the group. The top team(s) in each group will then progress to the knock-out stages, which will use standard seeding procedures.  The first round will be games of two sets to 25; rally scoring, win by 2 or first team to 27.  Ties between teams are broken by considering the scores of the sets. The team with the best ratio of points scored divided by points lost is the winner. The bracketed playoff round will be the best two of three games, games to 25 points, rally scoring, win by 2 or first team to 27. Third games, if needed, to 15 points.

What to Bring

Non-marking shoes

Equipment Hire

Not available


Bendat Basketball Centre

Address: 201 Underwood Ave, Floreat WA 6014
Distance from CBD: 7.6km


Bus transfers will be provided for registered participants from official hotels or Perth CBD.


Some parking is available.

Food and Drinks

Food and drink available onsite

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